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About Us

Danel was established in 1974 as a family company, evolving into a public company in 1992, maintaining steady growth and development throughout the years. Danel Group consists of six subsidiaries that service a number of sectors: the Human Resource Division for the recruiting and employment, project management and outsourcing; the Nursing Division which specializes in nursing care for the elderly in accordance with the Nursing Law; the Private Medicine Division for private medical services such as: specialist clinics, operating theaters for intermediate surgical procedures, laser surgery for vision correction and cataracts, surrogate services, egg donations, and medical tourism; the Special Needs Division, offering educational services, housing and employment for individuals with special needs.

Danel Group employs over 30,000 staff members, including 3,000 professionals – social workers, doctors, nurses and caregivers, computer specialists, human resource directors, business management graduates and more. Together, our team runs over 100 branches, programs and clinics that provide services nationwide.

Danel began its journey in the human resource sector and over the years, expanded its expertise to the fields of nursing, special needs, and medicine. In May 1992, it became a public company with shares sold on the stock exchange. Today, Danel is a company without a controlling interest.

Danel Group has several business companies: Danel Jobs, Danel Nursing, Beit Ekstein, Nisha, Dr. Levinger Medical (51%), Manor Medical (51%) and Aviv Scientific (22% – in partnership with Dr. Levinger Medical).

Danel Group continues to grow and develop, connecting with tens of thousands of individuals on a daily basis at the most important and exciting crossroads of their lives. Danel Group believes that exemplary service, trustworthiness, professionalism and transparency are of paramount importance, but the love of humanity is first and foremost. 

Danel Group is an organization that continues to learn every day, to improve and strengthen every link in the chain in an effort to always provide sensitive and dedicated service of the highest level.

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