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Danel nursing

The largest nursing company in Israel.

 Danel Nursing is authorized to provide homecare services by the National Insurance Institute.

Danel jobs

Leading in human resources services –manning, placing, outsourcing and project management.



דנאל משאבי אנוש
חטיבת רפואה של קבוצת דנאל


Over 20 years of experience in refractive laser eye surgery (eyeglass removal) & cataract treatment.

Multidisciplinary private specialist clinics that include the most advanced medical equipment and technologies.
 11 advanced operating rooms for various surgical proceedings (up to 24 hours hospitalization).

Over 35,000 surgical proceedings a year.



Beit Ekstein

 Beit Ekstein is the leading and largest organization in Israel in providing services to people with disabilities for over 30 years.



בית אקשטיין מקבוצת דנאל
חטיבת משאבי אנוש


The leading and largest company in Israel in sourcing, recruiting and placing employees in the hi-tech industry.




Accompanying surrogacy processes and egg donation services by senior Israeli medical staff at clinics in Ukraine (Kiev) and Georgia (Tbilisi).

Leading professionals (fertility and IVF specialists, embryologists & emotional support staff) assisted in bringing more than 4,000 children into the world.

Medical tourism – medical proceedings in Israel leading hospitals, for foreign patients.



חברת מנור מדיקל
manor medical

Manor Medical tourism

Organization of treatment for your patients with the involvement of leading specialists and using the latest technologies in Israel, through direct communication with leading specialists in all fields of medicine, regardless of their employment place, and focusing on the latest techniques applicable to a specific disease.



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