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Organizational Ethics

Fair and ethical conduct

Danel Group is committed to fair, ethical and proper business conduct; all of our employees are bound by the same moral and ethical set of standards and values.
Danel considers this ethical code the foundation of its organizational culture and an important component for long-term success. This code of ethics is an integral part of the terms of employment for every member of our team.

Fair and non-compromising operations

Danel Group is committed to fairness in business, transparency, discretion, and honest reporting. Danel's code of ethics is the common denominator for all of its companies, managers, and employees, promoting respect for every individual alongside meticulous adherence to company policy and procedures. The code of ethics sets the level of excellence and values that the group demands of itself professionally and paves the way towards fair and uncompromising service for our clientele in the various sectors of group's operation.

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נופש חברה בסיציליה

עובדי קבוצת דנאל כובשים את סיציליה בנופש חברה השנתי. נופש מלא בחוויות, טיולים, הפתעות והופעה מרגשת של משה פרץ.

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מסיבת פורים

קבוצת דנאל חוגגת במסיבת פורים שווה במיוחד, הופעה של להקת רוקוויל ותחרות תחפושות נושאת פרסים

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