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חטיבת הסיעוד

Caregiving Services For The Elderly

The largest nursing company in Israel.
• Danel Nursing is authorized to provide homecare services by the National Insurance Institute.
• Danel Nursing provides a nationwide services to ~28,000 elderly persons by ~20,000 caregivers & professional staff (social workers, nurses and gerontologists).
• Operating a national customer service center to achieve optimal professional service and advanced control and monitoring.
• Advanced & tailor-made CRM system (increases efficiency, enables optimization and monitoring of all aspects of activity).

Human Resources Services

Leading in human resources services –manning, placing, outsourcing and project management.
•Variety of expertise -retail, manufacture, finance, logistics, engineering, biotech, Cleantech, construction, infrastructure, senior executives placements etc.
•The leading and largest company in Israel in sourcing, recruiting and placing employees in the hi-tech industry.
•A leading supplier of outsourced technological resources and services in the Hi-Tech Industry.
•Nationwide presence.
•Leading in job placement of populations with special needs.
•Advanced technological control and monitoring tools (ERP)


חטיבת משאבי אנוש
חטיבת רפואה של קבוצת דנאל

Private Medical Services

Medical Tourism – Mediation of Medical Tourism: Medical proceedings in Israel leading hospitals, for foreign residents' patients who are in need of advanced medical services.
Medium Surgical Proceedings: Various types of surgery: ophthalmology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, general surgery, etc. 10 operating rooms. Up to 24 hours stay.
Specialists Clinics: 3 Clinics of leading doctors and surgeons. Advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical equipment.
Surrogacy: An Israeli medical team accompanies couples who wish to have a surrogacy process in Georgia.
Egg donation Services: Performed by an Israeli medical team in Ukraine.
Ophthalmology: over 20 years of experience in refractive laser eye surgery (removing glasses). Surgery rooms for Cataract Treatment;

 3 Optics stores; Nationwide.


People With Disabilities

• Beit Ekstein is the leading and largest organization in Israel in providing services to people with disabilities for over 30 years.
• Beit Ekstein provides a variety of services for ~4,000 children, youth and adults with disabilities: Institutional and community housing (24/7); Education services (18 schools); Employment and career development services.
• Beit Ekstein's main mission is to increase the quality of life and social inclusion of people with disabilities.
• All services are based on the Quality of Life model, which uses fully validated planning and evaluation tools.
• The services are fully regulated by Israeli Government Ministries (Ministry of Education & Ministry of Social Affairs).


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